What To Expect When You’re Expecting a Beer Show

With the ADI 2015 Spirits Conference Vendor Expo kicking off today, and the Craft Brewers Conference just around the corner, we wanted to re-post our blog from last year, ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Beer Show’, to help give you a resource to prepare for any upcoming brewing tradeshow you’re heading too.

Be sure to visit MBEC at the ADI 2015 Spirits Conference Vendor expo today and tomorrow at Booth 534, and the Craft Brewers Conference April 15-17th at Booth 1801!

Minnetonka Brewing and Equipment Company


In one week thousands of craft beer breweries, businesses, and fans will flock to Denver, CO for the annual Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America™. This is a must go to event for pretty much anyone associated with the craft beer industry, especially for emerging breweries.

Now, as exciting as craft shows can be, and especially the Craft Brewers Conference, it can also be quite overwhelming for first time goers. Where should I start? What should I focus on? Your mind can feel pulled in a million directions the second you walk into the convention center. SO, have no fear, MBEC is here!

We are here to provide 5 key points to help anyone, not just new comers, on how to navigate the Craft Brewers Conference!

Plan a Schedule

There are a lot of amazing panels to attend, as well as a large floor of vendors to see, so making…

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On the Horizon: MBEC Conference Appearances!

Minnetonka Brewing & Equipment Company is excited to announce our upcoming industry conference appearances!

We are going to be busy in the next couple months with two big upcoming expos in both the Craft Brewing and Craft Distilling worlds.  We are going to be showcasing our equipment, handing out our company shot glasses, and have our expert staff on hand to answer questions about all the equipment and services we provide.

Wondering where we will be and where you can find us? Read ahead to find out full info on the conferences we are attending and where you can go to register to come see us!


2015 Craft Spirits Conference & Vendor Expo

We are quite delighted to announce that we will be an exhibitor at the American Distilling Institute Craft Spirits Conference & Vendor Expo for the first time this year!

The conference is going to be held in Louisville, KY at the end of the month, running March 30 – April 2 – with the Conference and Expo being held on March 31st & April 1st.

Along with the expo, there will be workshops and distillery tours, breakout sessions and a fabulous gala, and this is a great conference to attend for any within the craft distilling industry.

We will be located at Booth 534, so be sure to come visit us!

Conference Information 

Register for the Conference

cbc15email2015 Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America 

We are excited to be returning to the Brewers Association’s Craft Brewers Conference again this year! We have had a fabulous time at this conference at our last appearances, and cannot wait to return!

This years conference is being held in Portland, OR at the Oregon Convention Center April 14-17.  The BrewExpo America, which is where we are exhibiting, will be running April 15-17 – with this year adding an extra half day of the expo!

The Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America is a leading conference within the Craft Brewing industry, and is a great resource (and good time) for all associated with craft brewing.

We will be at Booth 1801, so be sure to sign up and head to the show to come talk to us about how we serve craft breweries and distilleries!

Conference Information 

Conference Registration

We cannot wait to meet and greet with everyone, so see you at either the Spirits Conference or the Craft Brewers Conference (or Both!)


Express Your Love With Beer!

6a01156f70f21e970c0168e60f8d4f970c-450wiCan you believe it, February is already here!

Winter is still staying cozy, but with February comes that holiday that is all about love (Valentines Day, for those who have forgotten, here is our quick inserted reminder!), and that love translates to beer so well.

Whether it is your own love for beer, or get that special beer lover in your life something they will enjoy, Valentines day is a great time to express your love with beer!

There are some fabulous Valentines Day Beer Gift Guides out there, such as the one DRAFT put together for the 6 Valentine’s Gifts for Beer Lovers, and there is even a dedicated Valentines Day Beer Gift sets on beergifts.com and other sites, but we are going to break things down for you to give you a list of great Beer Lover Valentine’s Day Gifts and Ideas.

1) First, the easiest, give the gift of beer! – Grab a growler or make your own 6 pack of delicious beer, and give it to your loved one (or yourself!).  It is easy to decorate with personalized touches and hearts to make it even more special, and maybe your local brewery is even doing a Valentines Day beer.

2) Date Night at a Taproom – Several breweries are having Valentines Day date night specials or events, and if they aren’t, make your own!  Head to a taproom on Valentines and make a toast of your love with a pint and food (if they have it, or if not, many taprooms let you bring your own food to enjoy).

3) Chocolate + Beer = Perfection – Chocolate can actually go quite great with certain beers.  Search around for chocolate varieties that are known to go well with certain beers, grab them both, and enjoy! Several breweries also have chocolate based beers or the infamous Chocolate Milk stouts, yum!

4) Beer Cooking – Plan a date night in and cook with your favorite beers (and enjoy another pint at dinner, too!). Beer and food are a great combo, and cooking with your special someone will make any Valentines day better.  Research online for great beer-centered recipes, and head to your liquor store or taproom to pick up your favorite brew to cook with.

5) Beer-infused Gifts – Nowadays you can buy hop candy, beer soap, and so many things with beer, and all make great gifts for any beer lover.  Local stores and many online shops carry a wide-range of yummy or useful beer infused gifts that your valentine will love!

No matter how you decide to celebrate Valentines Day, or if you condemn the holiday it all together, beer is a great addition to the mix no matter what!

Hello 2015! New Year’s Beer Resolutions


Hello, and welcome to 2015!  

First off, 2014 was great. MBEC had a fantastic year full of new customers, fun with existing customers, product updates, and all around craft beer adventures.  We can’t thank everyone enough for being so fabulous and supportive, we appreciate everyone and all who were apart of the amazing journey that was 2014.  But let’s not look back, let us look forward!

2015 is off and running (all be it a freezing trot) and what a better time for New Year goals and resolutions?

Now, there are your standard resolutions of working out more and cutting back on the sweets, but those, although a good idea, aren’t particularly fun, am I right?

Why not make a fun list of resolutions you want to complete, and there are a lot of great resolutions to make as a beer lover.

So let’s kick off 2015 right, and with a bang!  Adding any of these resolutions to your list will be sure to make 2015 a great year.

1)  Host a craft beer party, head to your local liquor store or brewery and grab some great craft beer, invite some of your raddest friends, and enjoy!  Simple as that, and sure to be both a fun and delicious time.

2) Introduce someone to craft beer, because everyone needs to experience the greatness that is craft beer!

3) Attend a craft beer festival or event, all beer lovers need to go to one at some point, so why not this year!  There are amazing craft beer festivals going on year round all across the US. Check local listings for beer events, or head to the fabulous Craft Beer Events page to plan!

4) Cook with beer, because it tastes amazing, and all beer lovers should embrace the wonderful bond of food and beer

5) Try a new beer every month, there are an unbelievable amount of delicious beers out there, branch out and try a new beer every month and by the end of the year you will have tried 12 new ones!

6) Take a brewery tour, whether you have been on several, or a newbie, head to a brewery and take a tour. They are always fun, always informative, and always get a taste of their beers at the end of the tour – complete package!

7) Plan a beer trip, no matter where you live there is good beer around, but what about elsewhere?  Both within the US and around the world there are some great places to check out beer, so plan a trip to check them out!  Can be headed to a famous beer bar, or a brewery you love, a great way to combine traveling with your love of beer.

8) Read a beer book, could be to  learn more about beer making, to learn new recipes, or just to learn more about beer, a book is a great way to expand your love and knowledge of beer.

9) Give the gift of beer,  because who doesn’t love to get a tastey beer? Plus it spread the love of great beer!

10) Make beer, what better way to flex your beer love muscles that making your own!  If you’ve never brewed beer you will grow to love beer even more, or if you are a veteran in making beer, brew something new or make beer with someone who never has!  Beer making kits are easy to come by and are inexpensive, and this is a fabulous resolution to make.

There are more beer related resolutions to make of course, but these should all make your 2015 a little better, and include more beer in your life, which of course is never a bad thing!

Have a beer related resolution you are planning to make? Share so others can put it on their list!

Craft Beer Gift Guide!

It’s that wonderful time of year again!

Jack Frost nipping at the nose, breaking out the winter time activity gear, and holiday hoopla galore!

Well, we have one way to make your holiday life easier – a Craft Beer Gift Guide for the craft beer lover in your life (including yourself!)

From books to apparel, you won’t be short of ideas this holiday season!


  • Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher: Learn the different types of ingredients and brewing techniques that make up brewing a wide range of beers.
  • Subscription to a craft beer magazine: There are a lot of great craft beer magazines out there from the newbie craft beer lover to the expert
  • State Brewing Guides: Great guide to the breweries to travel to in each state. Great for the beer lover who loves to travel!
  • The Craft Beer Revolution by Steve Hindy: Learn about the history of the craft beer revolution that challenged the big beer brands, and launched the rise of the craft beer industry we see today.
  • The Complete Beer Course by Joshua M. Bernstein: This book demystifies brews for the beer drinker, and helps readers learn about the different beer styles and flavors, and how to spot the better brews from others to steer clear of.
  • Beerology by Mirella Amato: Learn all the ins and outs about beer!
  • American Craft Beer Cookbook by John Holl: Craft beer and food! Is there a better combo?



General Beer Goodies:

  • Beer Nerd: A Beer Tasting Trivia Game: Test your knowledge of beer! And win bragging rights among your friends
  • Pint Glass Gift Set: What beer lover isn’t in need of great pint glasses? Check online for box sets, or local breweries also often have pint glasses on sale – head to a few to make a set and enjoy a local brew in the process!
  • GrowlerTap: Turn your growler into a mini-keg to enjoy your brews more easily!
  • Hombrewing Kits: A must have for any beer lover, and craft beer newbie. Many local stores carry beer making kits or search online for the right kit.
  • Craft Beer Poster
  • Craft Beer Calendar
  • Tickets to a local beer festival: There are several year round craft beer festivals around the nation, all of which are great, and a fabulous way to enjoy a pint and try new brews.

On Pinterest?  There is a whole page dedicated to Craft Beer Gift Guide pins, and a fantastic place to learn of new gift ideas for the beer lover on your shopping list.

Regardless of what you choose, enjoy on giving the gift of beer!

Happy Holidays!

Women & Craft Brewing: A Growing Force!

There is no denying that the craft beer industry is booming, and now more than ever craft beer is becoming more than just a bearded boys club, but women are continuing to make their presence known as consumers, as brewers, and as executives.

Long ago are the days where beer was a mans drink, and women were side-lined as casual dabblers of beer or only consumers of only fruity alcoholic drinks, but are getting their hands hop deep in the craft movement and their voices are being heard. as well as changing perceptions and trends along the way.

Women have always drank beer, but the numbers are showing an increase of female beer drinkers. Let’s break down women’s presence as beer lovers with numbers and science!

  • 26% of women named beer as their favorite alcoholic beverage in 2013, versus 24% in 2012
  • Women drink 25% of all beer by volume in the USA, and
  • Women make up 37% of craft beer drinkers

There is no denying it, women like their beer. And specifically, love their craft beer.

Women are seemingly drawn to the craft beer industry more than their bigger production counterparts, which could be the case for numerous reasons, but one may be the versatility of brands and products amongst craft beer, as well as the ability for women to get involved at the grassroots level of the craft brewing industry.

As numerous new breweries are popping up all over the country, you are seeing more than ever that it isn’t just men going to pick up a home brewing kit, or helping formulate a new brewery on the business side.  Even though only 1% (approximate) of those employed in the craft beer industry are women, women are finding that they want a career in the craft industry and are applying their talents where they can in the business. Whether that be with administrative tasks, financial, or marketing, owning the brewery itself, or being the master brewer, women are being seen more– and the numbers are growing.

Groups and organizations have popped up to aid female brewing professionals, including Pink Books Society, which was created to empower women who are beer professional advance their careers within the industry. Social groups such as Barley’s Angels and Girls Pint Out were formed to bring women together to drink a variety of craft beers and encourage women’s love of beer with other women.

It is also great to see women being supported by all corners of the industry, from hop growers to consulting firms, including your very own MBEC. Minnetonka Brewing & Equipment Company was proud to be involved with helping St. Paul, MN brewery Urban Growler, the first female owned and brewed brewery in Minnesota, make their dream a reality.  Running their business with both men and women patrons in mind, breweries with a female presence are helping shape the future of the industry.

Although the beer industry is still predominantly populated by men, it is clear that women are making their mark. It is great to see women popping up more and more at craft beer events, in the board room, and making great beer whether that be at home or at a production level. Check out the article 10 Amazing women In Craft Beer You Should Know and Follow to see where women have made their mark in the industry, and how others are following in their footsteps.

Prost, ladies!

Fun Fact! did you know that women were the first brewers? They sure were! Egyptian and Sumerian women brewed the first beers, and there were actually laws prohibiting men from brewing beer.


10 Amazing Women in Craft Beer You Should Know and Follow – http://drinkwiththewench.com/2012/04/10-amazing-women-in-craft-beer-you-should-know-and-follow/

Pink Boots Society – http://pinkbootssociety.org/

On Gender and Beer: Why Do We Think Men Are from Ales, Women Are from Lagers? – http://thisiswhyimdrunk.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/on-gender-and-beer-why-do-we-think-men-are-from-ales-women-are-from-lagers/

More women getting into craft beer, not just as drinkers but also as brewers  – http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/eats/women-moving-craft-beer-brewing-article-1.1522304

Women changing the ‘boys club’ nature of craft brew businesses – http://swmichigan.secondwavemedia.com/features/Women-changing-the-boys-club-nature-of-craft-brew-businesses-0424.aspx

Summer Beer Crunch Time

Light, crisp, and full of bright flavor, summer brews are a great way to beat the heat and enjoy a relaxing summer day.  Now, even though the summer months are starting to slowly tick away, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the refreshing experience of a tasty summer brew – so make one last crunch, and head out to enjoy some summer beers!

Every year breweries across the world, and especially around the US, brew up some amazing beers to compliment summer, and with the wide base of brews being offered, it can be hard to cut through the noise to find one to go out and try.  Well, we have you covered!

Below are some links to well formulated lists of top summer brews for you to check out and enjoy.


Want a quick and organized list to run through to find a summer brew? Here is the bible of such a list.  Tasted and reviewed, there are 161 seasonal summer beers on their list to make for a compact guide on what to hunt down to try.

The 12 Best Summer Beers to Drink Right Now – Esquire

Esquire went out and found 12 great summer beers that are worth your time to seek out.  Delicious brews from across the US, this list provides a quick guide on finding some last minute summer brews to try.

The 20 Best Beers for the Summer Season – HiConsumption

Another list compiled to highlight some top summer brews out there is one by HiConsumption, which consists of brews from large domestic breweries to craft breweries, giving a wide range of options.


 MBEC Customer Brews

These lists are great an all, but we are excited to also provide our own list of MBEC equipment customers and the fabulous seasonal beers they provide, and beers that also just go great with summer.

Mispillion –Citron

Bigwood – Amigo Grande

Tin Whiskers –Flipswitch IPA

Red Leg Brewing Company – Cutter WIT 

Lucid – Silo

Fat Point Brewing – Big Boca Ale

Mexitaly – Extra Pale Ale

Burning Brothers Brewing – Fused

Arcade Brewery – Grapefruit IPA

Ale Syndicate – Du Sable Hoppy Saison

612Brew – GLAM Session IPA 

So what are you waiting for? Summer isn’t going to be sticking around forever, so go to your local watering hole, grab a six-back, or make a trip to a local brewery and be sure to check out some seasonal beers to wrap up the summer months.


Beer Health Benefits: Part 2!

Last post we brought to you 6 amazing facts on how beer is good for your health. From increasing bone health, to getting your body the vitamins it needs, beer packs more than a tasty punch, it is also good for the body.

Continuing where we left off, we have 6 more surprising beer health benefits to let you in on!  

7. Good Source of Fiber

Aiding in good digestion and overall good tummy and body health, beer contains a type of soluable fiber called beta-glucans. A 12 ounce bottle of lager sports 0.75 grams of fiber while the same amount of dark beer boasts 1.3 grams.

8. Lowers Blood Pressure 

Overall, wine has been the drink to get the most buzz about being great for your heart, but beer is just as good. A Harvard study found that women 25 to 40 who moderately drank beer were less likely to develop high blood pressure than women who drank wine or other alcoholic beverages.

9. Reduce Cancer Risk

Sounds to good to be true, right? Drink beer, no cancer! But there is truth behind it friends. While the research is still young, early studies have found that In beer there is a cancer-preventing agent called xanthohumol.  A compound found in hops, xanthohumol can helps fight off cancer causing enzymes and aid the body in breaking down carcinogens.

10. Keep Your Eyes Clear

Researchers in Canada found that 1 daily beer, especially a lager or a stout, can help increase the level of antioxidants in your body and antioxidant activity, which can help stop the formation of cataracts in the eyes. However, drink to much and the opposite effect can occur, so moderation is key!

11. Fight off Infection 

According to a study done at the Oregon Health & science University, having 1 or 2 drinks daily may help boost your immune system and fight off infections.  As with many health benefits to beer, this is also one where drinking moderately is key.

12. Reduce Stress

Probably not hard to believe (and experienced first hand by many, ) drinking 1 – 2 glasses of beer a day can help reduce work-related stress and anxiety, according to a study done at the University of Montreal.


And there you have it folks! Spread the good word of the health benefits of beer, and head to your local taproom or waterhole to help your health one pint at a time!



Kitchen Daily – 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – Have a Brewski! It Can Help Your Health by Karen Ansel, MS, RD, CDN

Yahoo! – 5 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer by Kaboodle.com

Martin’s – The Health Benefits of Beer: 12 Reasons Why You Should Drink It!

Men’s Health – 10 Reasons to Have a Beer RIGHT NOW!




Beer Health Benefits!

For centuries people have indulged in the grand beverage known as beer, and beer has gotten a bad reputation over the years. Well, no more to that thinking, feel free to knock back a cold one guilt free, because beer has many health benefits that may surprise you!  Beer is loaded with minerals, anti-oxidants, and several other components that can  lower your heart disease risk, improve brain health, help your immune system, in addition to several other benefits.

In this blog we cover for you the first 6, out of 12, surprising health benefits of beer, so read on because been knowledge is power!

  1. Beer Health BenefitsHealthier Kidneys

Based on a study performed in Finland, for each bottle of beer drank by men daily, their risk of developing kidney stones lowered by 40%. Why? Well there is still speculation for the exact cause/effect relation, but one thought is that the water content in beer helps maintain hydration, as well as hops providing a slower release of calcium from bone, which can be reabsorbed as stones in the kidneys.

  1. Stronger Bones

Beer may not make you Wolverine, but several research institutes and facilities, including Tufts University, found that those who had 1 or 2 drinks daily had higher bone density.  Beer contains high levels of silicon, which aids bone health. Before you go drowning in beer to make your bones stronger, having more than 2 drinks daily has been linked to an increased risk of fractures – so stick to 1 or 2!

  1. Boost Brain Health

Beer may not make you a genius (if only!), but a 2005 study found that older women who were moderate drinkers (1 drink a day) lowered their risk of mental decline by as much as 20% when compared to non-drinkers.

  1. Have a Stronger Heart

Consuming a beer or two a day can help elevate levels of HDL, the good cholesterol that helps keep arteries clean and clog-free.  According to a Harvard study, studies have shown that drinking moderately lowers your risk of heart attacks and dying from cardiovascular disease by 25-40%. However, drinking high quantity amounts of alcohol can cause your risk of heart disease to increase, so again, moderation is key.

  1. Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk

A study of 38,000 men found that when they began consuming moderate amounts of alcohol, their risk for developing type 2 diabetes dropped by 25%. Researchers found that alcohol can increase insulin sensitivity, which helps in protecting against diabetes.

  1. Boost Vitamin Levels

Beer has many ingredients and minerals, and now, because of a Dutch study, it’s been found that the beer drinking participants of the study had 30% higher levels of vitamin B6 levels versus their non-drinking counterparts.  Beer also contains B12 and Folic acid, so drink up and giver your body a boost at the same time!


Men’s Health – 10 Reasons to Have a Beer RIGHT NOW! by Kristen Domonell

Yahoo! – 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer by Lisa Collier Cool

This blog is the first in a 2-part series. Stay tuned until next month for the rest of the list, and find out more ways beer is healthy for you! 

Behind the Scenes – Delivery Day

Here at MBEC we do a lot of exciting things behind the scenes of the Craft Brewing industry.  Although each part and process when working with each customer is exciting, one of the most anticipated moments of the entire process with a customer is when the equipment that was thoughtfully designed no longer is an idea on paper, but is finally real and delivered to its forever home at a brewery.

Ever wondering what delivery day is like when bringing brewing equipment to a customer? Well wonder no more, because we are going to give you behind the scenes tour and answer any burning questions about what goes into delivering brewery equipment.

1. Meeting The Truck

LEFT, CENTER TOP, 612 Brew, CENTER BOTTOM Mispillion River Brewing, RIGHT Big Wood Brewery

The first step in the grand excitement of the arrival of brewing equipment is being on hand, and ready to meet the truck to get the process of unloading started.

We ensure that all trucks carrying the equipment arrive on time (or if not, we are in communication with the trucking company and driver to make sure all trucks are en route). No matter how many times we deliver, seeing the glorious sight of the equipment truck arriving is always fun and exhilarating!

2. Taking a Gander

LEFT Tin Whiskers Brewing, CENTER Mispillion River Brewing, RIGHT 612 Brew

LEFT Tin Whiskers Brewing, CENTER Mispillion River Brewing, RIGHT 612 Brew

The next step once the truck arrives is one, stepping in and seeing what equipment is present, making sure we have everything, and looks a-okay to move. Then two, getting out of the way and allowing the company hired to handle the equipment to get rolling!  We provide assistance where we can, but mainly let the processionals handle this precious cargo.

3. Unload The Equipment

TOP LEFT, Burning Brothers Brewing, TOP RIGHT, 612 Brew, BOTTOM LEFT, Mispllion River Brewing, BOTTOM RIGHT, Ale Syndicate/Arcade Brewing

TOP LEFT, Burning Brothers Brewing, TOP RIGHT, 612 Brew, BOTTOM LEFT, Mispllion River Brewing, BOTTOM RIGHT, Ale Syndicate/Arcade Brewing

Once the truck has arrived, we’ve opened it up, and taken a gander inside and concluded everything is ship-shape to move, here comes the fun part – Unloading the equipment (carefully) off the truck!  This process is done one piece at a time.  Even the smallest equipment on the truck is quite large, so each piece gets the undivided attention of the crew. From 30BBL Fermenters, all the way to piping, it all comes off piece by piece.

4. Moving Equipment

LEFT Crooked Letter Brewing, CENTER Big Wood Brewery, RIGHT 612 Brew

LEFT Crooked Letter Brewing, CENTER Big Wood Brewery, RIGHT 612 Brew

Next, we move the equipment into the brewery! This is a nerve-wracking experience, even when you are prepared beyond belief.  Since each piece of equipment is treated like an infant made of eggshells (both to ensure everything is done safely, both both crew and equipment) this process goes nice and slow.  This can mean you can take quite a long time moving just one piece, so moving equipment into the brewery can be a whole day (sometimes multiple day) adventure. But it is exciting every step! We never want to rush this process though, no, no, this process takes as long as it takes, and we are a-okay with that.

5. Placing Equipment

LEFT Big Wood Brewery, CENTER Mispillion River, Brewing, RIGHT 612 Brew

LEFT Big Wood Brewery, CENTER Mispillion River, Brewing, RIGHT 612 Brew

Once all the equipment is safely inside the brewery, the next step is to place the equipment.  Each piece of equipment has already had it’s spot known even before it lands, so next is to look at the blueprints, talk with the brewery owners, then with the movers, and confirm where each piece of equipment is suppose to go.  This can be an all hands on deck to place, since some equipment (depending on size of brewery) needs special circumstances to place. Some need to tilt one way then moved another, some you can rotate and place in one fell swoop, but no matter what a lot of care is put into make sure each equipment piece is where it is suppose to be.

But wait, the fun doesn’t stop there!

6) Setup and Install


Once everything has been unloaded, moved, and placed in it’s forever home, the next big step is to install and setup the equipment – now we are getting to the fun part!  This is where Dan the Brewman! flies into help when called. With every brewery, we make sure each pipe is connected to the right place, electrical is all setup up correctly, and walk through how each piece of equipment operates with the brewmaster so they can start brewing ASAP.

The process of moving in new equipment is always a joyous, emotional experience full of excitement, despite the number of times you do it! And now you can say you know the ins and outs of how the process of unloading brewing equipment goes, so be sure to gloat!

See the whole process in action! Watch the video below to see the unloading equipment arrival day unfold!

Can’t get enough equipment unloading photos and media? head to our Facebook Photo Albums to see more, as well as our YouTube channel!

To check out the breweries that were pictured here that MBEC has provided equipment for, follow the links below:

612 Brew – www.612brew.com

Ale Syndicate / Arcade Brewery  (Who are currently alternating proprietorship of Ale Syndicate’s brewing equipment, the first of its kind in Chicago) – alesyndicate.com, www.arcadebrewery.com

Big Wood Brewery – bigwoodbrewery.com

Burning Brothers Brewing – www.burnbrosbrew.com

Crooked Letter Brewing – crookedletterbrewing.com

Mispillion River Brewing – mispillionriverbrewing.com

Tin Whiskers Brewing – twbrewing.com