Dan the Brewman!

Dan Kahn, Minnetonka Brewing and Equipment Company’s resident consultant, is providing brewery insight to the masses!
In his blog Dan will cover a variety of topics related to the brewery industry, such as brewery maintenance and operations, insight into various brewery equipment, to recipes and brewmaster techniques, and so much more in between.

Dan is a veteran of the brewing industry, having a career and brewery education spanning 20 years.

Dan sought out getting a formal degree for brewing, and received a Master Brewers Certificate from the University of California – Davis, as well as passing the Associate Exam for the Institute of brewing. From there Dan went on to become a brewmaster. Along with an education in brewing, and serving as a brewmaster, Dan has also earned 6 medals at the Great American Beer Festival, as well as serving as a judge for the event several times.

To learn more about Dan, and his background, as well as learn more about consulting services Dan provides, please visit our Consulting Page of our website!


One thought on “Dan the Brewman!

  1. So Dan I think I need to talk to you. My boss has stated he wants me to find the equipment and buy it online. I think we need more consulting on the items we need before we do that. I have had a few people give me quotes on the systems to brew beer at 15bbl and they very greatly and not sure if that is due to some may have the complete system and some might not. you might say what we are doing is crazy but he wants to make beer and sell it here and on a big scale. please call me anytime I am looking for a consultant and someone to give advise on how we proceed and correctly. thank you Michelle Guerrero Management Coordinator/ Eusebio Barrientos PA

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