Express Your Love With Beer!

6a01156f70f21e970c0168e60f8d4f970c-450wiCan you believe it, February is already here!

Winter is still staying cozy, but with February comes that holiday that is all about love (Valentines Day, for those who have forgotten, here is our quick inserted reminder!), and that love translates to beer so well.

Whether it is your own love for beer, or get that special beer lover in your life something they will enjoy, Valentines day is a great time to express your love with beer!

There are some fabulous Valentines Day Beer Gift Guides out there, such as the one DRAFT put together for the 6 Valentine’s Gifts for Beer Lovers, and there is even a dedicated Valentines Day Beer Gift sets on and other sites, but we are going to break things down for you to give you a list of great Beer Lover Valentine’s Day Gifts and Ideas.

1) First, the easiest, give the gift of beer! – Grab a growler or make your own 6 pack of delicious beer, and give it to your loved one (or yourself!).  It is easy to decorate with personalized touches and hearts to make it even more special, and maybe your local brewery is even doing a Valentines Day beer.

2) Date Night at a Taproom – Several breweries are having Valentines Day date night specials or events, and if they aren’t, make your own!  Head to a taproom on Valentines and make a toast of your love with a pint and food (if they have it, or if not, many taprooms let you bring your own food to enjoy).

3) Chocolate + Beer = Perfection – Chocolate can actually go quite great with certain beers.  Search around for chocolate varieties that are known to go well with certain beers, grab them both, and enjoy! Several breweries also have chocolate based beers or the infamous Chocolate Milk stouts, yum!

4) Beer Cooking – Plan a date night in and cook with your favorite beers (and enjoy another pint at dinner, too!). Beer and food are a great combo, and cooking with your special someone will make any Valentines day better.  Research online for great beer-centered recipes, and head to your liquor store or taproom to pick up your favorite brew to cook with.

5) Beer-infused Gifts – Nowadays you can buy hop candy, beer soap, and so many things with beer, and all make great gifts for any beer lover.  Local stores and many online shops carry a wide-range of yummy or useful beer infused gifts that your valentine will love!

No matter how you decide to celebrate Valentines Day, or if you condemn the holiday it all together, beer is a great addition to the mix no matter what!


Hello 2015! New Year’s Beer Resolutions


Hello, and welcome to 2015!  

First off, 2014 was great. MBEC had a fantastic year full of new customers, fun with existing customers, product updates, and all around craft beer adventures.  We can’t thank everyone enough for being so fabulous and supportive, we appreciate everyone and all who were apart of the amazing journey that was 2014.  But let’s not look back, let us look forward!

2015 is off and running (all be it a freezing trot) and what a better time for New Year goals and resolutions?

Now, there are your standard resolutions of working out more and cutting back on the sweets, but those, although a good idea, aren’t particularly fun, am I right?

Why not make a fun list of resolutions you want to complete, and there are a lot of great resolutions to make as a beer lover.

So let’s kick off 2015 right, and with a bang!  Adding any of these resolutions to your list will be sure to make 2015 a great year.

1)  Host a craft beer party, head to your local liquor store or brewery and grab some great craft beer, invite some of your raddest friends, and enjoy!  Simple as that, and sure to be both a fun and delicious time.

2) Introduce someone to craft beer, because everyone needs to experience the greatness that is craft beer!

3) Attend a craft beer festival or event, all beer lovers need to go to one at some point, so why not this year!  There are amazing craft beer festivals going on year round all across the US. Check local listings for beer events, or head to the fabulous Craft Beer Events page to plan!

4) Cook with beer, because it tastes amazing, and all beer lovers should embrace the wonderful bond of food and beer

5) Try a new beer every month, there are an unbelievable amount of delicious beers out there, branch out and try a new beer every month and by the end of the year you will have tried 12 new ones!

6) Take a brewery tour, whether you have been on several, or a newbie, head to a brewery and take a tour. They are always fun, always informative, and always get a taste of their beers at the end of the tour – complete package!

7) Plan a beer trip, no matter where you live there is good beer around, but what about elsewhere?  Both within the US and around the world there are some great places to check out beer, so plan a trip to check them out!  Can be headed to a famous beer bar, or a brewery you love, a great way to combine traveling with your love of beer.

8) Read a beer book, could be to  learn more about beer making, to learn new recipes, or just to learn more about beer, a book is a great way to expand your love and knowledge of beer.

9) Give the gift of beer,  because who doesn’t love to get a tastey beer? Plus it spread the love of great beer!

10) Make beer, what better way to flex your beer love muscles that making your own!  If you’ve never brewed beer you will grow to love beer even more, or if you are a veteran in making beer, brew something new or make beer with someone who never has!  Beer making kits are easy to come by and are inexpensive, and this is a fabulous resolution to make.

There are more beer related resolutions to make of course, but these should all make your 2015 a little better, and include more beer in your life, which of course is never a bad thing!

Have a beer related resolution you are planning to make? Share so others can put it on their list!

Craft Beer Gift Guide!

It’s that wonderful time of year again!

Jack Frost nipping at the nose, breaking out the winter time activity gear, and holiday hoopla galore!

Well, we have one way to make your holiday life easier – a Craft Beer Gift Guide for the craft beer lover in your life (including yourself!)

From books to apparel, you won’t be short of ideas this holiday season!


  • Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher: Learn the different types of ingredients and brewing techniques that make up brewing a wide range of beers.
  • Subscription to a craft beer magazine: There are a lot of great craft beer magazines out there from the newbie craft beer lover to the expert
  • State Brewing Guides: Great guide to the breweries to travel to in each state. Great for the beer lover who loves to travel!
  • The Craft Beer Revolution by Steve Hindy: Learn about the history of the craft beer revolution that challenged the big beer brands, and launched the rise of the craft beer industry we see today.
  • The Complete Beer Course by Joshua M. Bernstein: This book demystifies brews for the beer drinker, and helps readers learn about the different beer styles and flavors, and how to spot the better brews from others to steer clear of.
  • Beerology by Mirella Amato: Learn all the ins and outs about beer!
  • American Craft Beer Cookbook by John Holl: Craft beer and food! Is there a better combo?



General Beer Goodies:

  • Beer Nerd: A Beer Tasting Trivia Game: Test your knowledge of beer! And win bragging rights among your friends
  • Pint Glass Gift Set: What beer lover isn’t in need of great pint glasses? Check online for box sets, or local breweries also often have pint glasses on sale – head to a few to make a set and enjoy a local brew in the process!
  • GrowlerTap: Turn your growler into a mini-keg to enjoy your brews more easily!
  • Hombrewing Kits: A must have for any beer lover, and craft beer newbie. Many local stores carry beer making kits or search online for the right kit.
  • Craft Beer Poster
  • Craft Beer Calendar
  • Tickets to a local beer festival: There are several year round craft beer festivals around the nation, all of which are great, and a fabulous way to enjoy a pint and try new brews.

On Pinterest?  There is a whole page dedicated to Craft Beer Gift Guide pins, and a fantastic place to learn of new gift ideas for the beer lover on your shopping list.

Regardless of what you choose, enjoy on giving the gift of beer!

Happy Holidays!