Women & Craft Brewing: A Growing Force!

There is no denying that the craft beer industry is booming, and now more than ever craft beer is becoming more than just a bearded boys club, but women are continuing to make their presence known as consumers, as brewers, and as executives.

Long ago are the days where beer was a mans drink, and women were side-lined as casual dabblers of beer or only consumers of only fruity alcoholic drinks, but are getting their hands hop deep in the craft movement and their voices are being heard. as well as changing perceptions and trends along the way.

Women have always drank beer, but the numbers are showing an increase of female beer drinkers. Let’s break down women’s presence as beer lovers with numbers and science!

  • 26% of women named beer as their favorite alcoholic beverage in 2013, versus 24% in 2012
  • Women drink 25% of all beer by volume in the USA, and
  • Women make up 37% of craft beer drinkers

There is no denying it, women like their beer. And specifically, love their craft beer.

Women are seemingly drawn to the craft beer industry more than their bigger production counterparts, which could be the case for numerous reasons, but one may be the versatility of brands and products amongst craft beer, as well as the ability for women to get involved at the grassroots level of the craft brewing industry.

As numerous new breweries are popping up all over the country, you are seeing more than ever that it isn’t just men going to pick up a home brewing kit, or helping formulate a new brewery on the business side.  Even though only 1% (approximate) of those employed in the craft beer industry are women, women are finding that they want a career in the craft industry and are applying their talents where they can in the business. Whether that be with administrative tasks, financial, or marketing, owning the brewery itself, or being the master brewer, women are being seen more– and the numbers are growing.

Groups and organizations have popped up to aid female brewing professionals, including Pink Books Society, which was created to empower women who are beer professional advance their careers within the industry. Social groups such as Barley’s Angels and Girls Pint Out were formed to bring women together to drink a variety of craft beers and encourage women’s love of beer with other women.

It is also great to see women being supported by all corners of the industry, from hop growers to consulting firms, including your very own MBEC. Minnetonka Brewing & Equipment Company was proud to be involved with helping St. Paul, MN brewery Urban Growler, the first female owned and brewed brewery in Minnesota, make their dream a reality.  Running their business with both men and women patrons in mind, breweries with a female presence are helping shape the future of the industry.

Although the beer industry is still predominantly populated by men, it is clear that women are making their mark. It is great to see women popping up more and more at craft beer events, in the board room, and making great beer whether that be at home or at a production level. Check out the article 10 Amazing women In Craft Beer You Should Know and Follow to see where women have made their mark in the industry, and how others are following in their footsteps.

Prost, ladies!

Fun Fact! did you know that women were the first brewers? They sure were! Egyptian and Sumerian women brewed the first beers, and there were actually laws prohibiting men from brewing beer.


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